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About Sportskroft

SportsKroft is a spin off entity from Maxwel Exporters, a leading manufacturer and exporter of specialist sports equipment based out of Meerut, India. A manufacturer and exporter of world class Hammocks, SportsKroft is an entrepreneurial company backed by people having decades of invaluable experience in manufacturing and export sector of India. Our Managing Director, Neha Mahajan’s interest in Hammocks motivated her to setup a new unit, SportsKroft, which is dedicated to producing Hammocks and other outdoor garden furniture. Neha has earned her Bachelors degree in Polymer Technology from University of Pune and a Masters degree in Business Management from University of Warwick, UK.  Under her leadership the company has grown rapidly in a very short period of time.

We understand how important it is that the product not only meets the safety specifications but is also made ethically. Our factory is equipped with latest machinery to produce high quality Hammocks. Only fine quality raw materials are used in making SportsKroft Hammocks. Some of our top-quality hammocks are fabricated from carefully engineered technical textiles and synthetics that are imported directly from world’s leading textile brands. Apart from infrastructure, our factory is SA 8000:2008 certified and complies with State’s Factory laws as well as Social and Environmental laws.

Our aim is to bring Hammocks to every household and people who love to relax in open and enjoy outdoors or family outings. We offer a very wide range of Hammocks that comes in various sizes, capacities, designs, patterns and price to cater to different kinds of end users and economies. One thing that is common to all the varieties of our Hammocks is that each of them is carefully manufactured to maintain quality standards because safety and comfort is foremost.

Apart from our own designs, we also welcome custom designs from our buyers and whenever feasible, eagerly offer our expertise and manufacturing facility to develop new varieties.  

Quality Assurance

We have a trained staff of 6 people to control output of approximately 150 people involved in production activity. On-line inspection is carried out in Weaving, Cutting, Sewing, Printing and Finishing processes. Incoming Material Inspection is done off-line before the goods enter the stock control room. Final Inspection is also undertaken off-line before and after packaging.

Order Traceability

We realize that it is important to be able to trace the orders on-line as well as off-line. While off-line is always time consuming, our on-line traceability helps us trace the orders anytime during the production. This allows us to advise the status of the shipment to you very quickly. Our own internal traceability system allows us to track every outgoing product. If there is any variation in the quality of any particular lot or even a single unit out of a larger lot, we can trace the machine, worker or any resource that produced the lot or specific unit in question. This in turn helps us in taking the corrective and preventive actions immediately.  

Our Strengths

1.COMPETITIVE PRICING: We understand that the never stopping inflation requires us to take actions that must reduces the overall landing cost of the product. We feel proud of the fact that we provide International Quality at reasonable price. Making only quality products and keeping wastages low, we are able to offer most competitive prices.

2. IN-HOUSE FACILITIES: We have complete In-House Designing, Production, Finishing and Packing, Container Loading & Dispatch Facilities. 

Our History
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SportsKroft, is a spin off entity from Maxwel Exporters, a leading manufacturer and exporter of specialist sports equipment based out of Meerut, India. A manufacturer and exporter of world class Hammocks, SportsKroft is an entrepr...
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Our Craftsmen
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Why Us
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