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Hammock Pillows
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Made of a genuinely soft polyester fabric, hammock pillows are not only an excellent way to get an added comfort on the hammock with a spreader bar but also to transform the existing or new decor. The pillow is made up of a solid color polyester cloth on either side and filled with polyester fiber make it good enough to be used outdoors. Loop straps are provided on either end to ensure easy attachment to the spreader bar. Use a matching or a contrasting color to make your hammock even more attractive.

Available in small (28” x 13”) and a large size (50” x 12”) and the colors available complement most outdoor color schemes. Our pillows are compatible with the rope and the fabric hammocks.We recommend storing the pillows inside when not in use.



  • Beige : Item Code: SPB  -101
  • Red     : Item Code: SPR - 102
  • Green : Item Code: SPG - 103
  • Blue    : Item Code: SPBL- 104
  • Black  : Item Code : SPBB -105



  • Beige : Item Code: BPB - 101
  • Red    : Item Code: BPR – 102
  • Green: Item Code: BPG- 103
  • Blue   : Item Code: BPBL- 104
  • Black : Item Code :BPBB-105


  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Colors Available: Solid colors



  •  When not is use should be stored indoors.

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